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Hi, my name is Keegan and I am a kid who loves to travel. I don’t know why but I love travel so much that I decided to create a blog about my travels. This blog will also include some of my little tips for common travel situations. I hope you like it.

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San Diego

On February 14 2020 my mom, my brother, and I took a trip to San Diego. After a great flight on southwest we headed into downtown San Diego. We ate at La Puerta in the Gaslamp District. It had very good Mexican food and had a very long tequila menu, however in many places in the restaurant there are images of people sticking up the middle finger so you should not go with young children. After we had a one hour drive to the Legoland Hotel, which is located about 20 meters from Legoland itself. This hotel is perfect for kids with legos everywhere. The lobby has many different areas for kids to play in such as the fill in the missing bricks area and the irate themed lego play area. For anyone with babies who may consume the Legos they only have 2 by 4 bricks or larger. To get to your room you pass Bricks Recipe Book and the Skyline Cafe which are 2 of the 3 eating options. The other being the cafe near the pirate play area. On the elevator going to the rooms they play fun music and have a led sphere. We stayed in the basic pirate room. Inside your room you will find a queen size bed, a bunk bed with a trundle, a bathroom with a bath and shower, a desk, a mysterious treasure chest, and plenty of Legos to play with. The queen size bed is comfortable but the bunk beds are not as comfortable. The rooms are piled with fun Lego decorations.

In the morning we rose early to go to Legoland. But first we went to eat breakfast at Bricks Recipe Book. It was ok but not great. Kids like it and thats what the hotel wants. There are many things to eat at the restaurant. To get in to Legoland it is easy but there are 30 minute to 60 minute wait times for the good rides. Legoland kind of scams you because they do not open most rides for the people who stay at the hotel only hour. If I could suggest one ride it would be the sea life ride near mini land. Legoland is a fun experience for everyone!

Los Angeles

After a fun time in San Diego we took a 2 hour trip to LA. As a former resident it was fun to return. A few activities are the Griffith Park, OUE Sky-space, Americana Mall, and taking a walk around Los Files. In the mall next to Americana there is a Korean ice cream place called Somi Somi. It is very good but it melts very, very, very fast so be ready to eat fast. Also try to fly out out of burbank if you can or have to fly. LA is a very fun city to explore but it takes about a month to explore every part so take a day for each one you choose, and watch out for traffic.

San Luis Obispo County

My family and I have a house in Templeton so I am very familiar with area. This area has outstanding wines, hard but great biking, and beautiful landscapes. A few good restaurants are Pier 46, Il Cortile, and Kitchenette. My pick for kids is Mcphees Grill. Its classic american food in downtown Templeton. San Luis Obispo County is a great place for everyone.

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